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 President & CEO

Mr. Hassan Omer Arteh is the President & CEO of Kingdom Investment Corporation Limited. He graduated from the American College of Switzerland with honors. He was awarded a BS in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and Management, with a minor concentration in Computer Applications in Business. Mr. Arteh is well versed in foreign trade and international business development. Possessing a solid knowledge of Sharia-compliant funding structures, and has successfully designed a sophisticated investment platform combining conventional western asset management techniques integrated with traditional Islamic financing strategies. He and his team of experts are among the financial engineers working under Kingdom Financial Group. The Kingdom team is a group of professionals managing the funds of important members of the Royal family. They delight in assisting people to achieve that which they did not even know they could accomplish. This team brought innovative ideas and developed creative business models to achieve the requisite project funding required.


Mr. Hassan Arteh also descends from a highly respected Somali family, being the former prime minister's son. His father was a distinguished leader in Somali history, a prominent figure in African diplomacy, and a well-known international personality - who worked tirelessly for peace and unification among the Somali people. Mr. Arteh also worked closely with his father during the Somali crisis and reconciliation period and gained extensive political and diplomatic experience. This work assisted in the development of his leadership and communications skills. Mentoring under his father's tutelage significantly impacted his personal values - instilling compassion for his fellow man and a reverence for the value of justice, liberty, and social equality, developing a great passion for his work and pursuing his goals and dreams with resilience.

Our Team

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