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KICL is proud to announce the formation of its Commodity Trading Platform with a strong team comprising local and international experts in commodities trading based in Hong Kong. The platform will thrive on China’s strong and growing demand for many commodities for both domestic use and export products. The group will leverage our global relationships with strategic suppliers to secure privileged supply agreements and develop long term supply contracts with China government & institutional buyers. The group’s ability leverage our financial resource and good capital utilization to seek highly attractive terms and contracts between global and Chinese clients to achieve sustainable growth and returns on long term supply contracts.

In KICL GROUP’s commodity trading line of businesses, we have put together a network of experienced commodity brokers who have access to some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the world. As a group in totality, our team have accumulated over 100 years’ experience in exports and imports with an enviable range of contacts across the complete supply chain amongst different industry sectors, supported by approximate 200 employees with a group turnover approaching USD$ 250 Million per annum.

Our policy is one of continued development of existing and emerging markets ensuring that we have very best products to offer our clients. Our network of overseas offices provides us with an unparalleled presence around the world. We deal directly with the manufacturers on a large scale to achieve the economies of scale, thereby helping the end buyers secure competitive prices and services.


Our Experience


Our skills have saved firms hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in importing and exporting. We are able to increase loadability of ocean freight containers, thus reducing freight costs. We are often able to eliminate the need for air shipments or negotiate lower rates and we find numerous alternatives in order to reduce shipping costs.



We are experienced in negotiating contract that have a value of over $100 million annually. This skill is used in negotiating with factories, freight carriers, Custom brokers, warehouses and banks.



We have a vast network to find reliable factories, deal with foreign governments, export or import restrictions, get goods inspected and even find you an agent. We have sourced apparel, electronics, housewares, accessories, and many other products.



We will alert you to quota restrictions and help avoid embargo. If goods are caught in quota closing, we can speed up the process of getting them released when quota re-opens.



Our knowledge of logistics not only saves money, but often saves accounts. We can arrange direct shipments to customers, set up cost-effective warehouses to handle your invoicing, shipping, ticketing, and other special needs. We solve the problems that seem to have no solution.



We can help reduce costs significantly. Our contacts in marine insurance, property and casualty, and health, life and accident insurance have helped save our clients large sums

Butcher Hanging Beef

Royal Deluxe Limited

The Chinese market has shown consistent growth in demand for frozen protein in recent years. With a growth in demand and limited supply, the trend of increased demand for imported meat, chicken and seafood is growing and we expect this growth to continue. We have identified the key components for a strong trading business in this sector and have secured all of these to ensure we can offer a strong platform for food commodities trading. Aside from frozen meat, we also have established relationships with both buyers and suppliers of various crops such as sugar and soy. ROYAL DELUXE LIMITED is the group’s food commodity trading arm focusing solely on these commodities.

TCP Holding Limited

The Chinese market relies heavily on imports of metals and minerals. The trend of increased demand for iron ore, copper and various other non-precious metals and minerals, is expected to continue for some years. We have identified the key components for a strong trading business in this sector and have secured all of these elements to ensure we can offer a strong platform for metals & minerals commodities trading. We have well-established relationships with high level buyers in China for long term contracts in various categories, particularly in iron ore and copper commodities. TCP HOLDINGS LIMITED is the group’s specialist trading arm focusing solely on these commodities, both as a supplier and also as an investor in mines and mineral rights.

truck on dirt
Making Coffee

King George International

As shown before the Chinese market for Coffee shows sustainable growth over the next few years. To meet this need KGI have negotiated a contract with a large, premium organic Coffee grower in Brazil to ensure supply against any required volumes we will need. KING GEORGE INTERNATIONAL is the group’s Coffee division focusing solely on these commodities

Pertroleum & Natural Gas

With its global perspective, GCL is actively expanding its presence in the natural gas integrated industry chain by extending natural gas development, storage and transportation to terminal services. Its business scope covers exploration and development, energy and chemical, LNG logistics, vehicle and vessel equipment, electronic commerce platform and industry funds. GCL has proven reserves of 5 trillion cubic meters of gas and 4000 million tons of crude oil in Ethiopia. The first phase of natural gas exploitation project will harvest 4 billion cubic meters with the annual LNG output to reach 10 million tons. A large harbor will be built in Djibouti for transfer purposes.

Walking Under Gas Pipes
Aerial view white storage tank of crude oil and natural gas and petrochemical product at o

Elegance Opticl International  Holdings Limided 907.HK

In 1975, Xu Lianghua (Chairman) established " ELEGANCE Glasses Manufacturing Co., Ltd." in Hong Kong (headquarters). The main business is to produce and sell various optical glasses products around the world.


The company's shares were listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 1996.


ELEGANCE OPTICAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 907 ) and has its headquarter in Hong Kong. It manufactures and sells spectacle frames, sunglasses and spectacle cases. The products are mainly sold to Europe, North America, China, Hong Kong and other markets. The company's sales mainly come from sales made by Hong Kong agents, including sales to Hong Kong retailers; and the agents export most of the group's products to Europe and North America.

Since 2020, Another principal activities of the Group are sales and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas ("LPG"), oil products business, natural gas ("NG") and sales of electronic products invested in the construction and management of the Yantai LNG terminal in China

K&A Energy (Kingdom Alba Global Energy Limited)

K&A ENERGY  (Kingdom Alba Global Energy Limited) is oil and gas commodities trading company, specializing in crude oil, LNG, and refined energy products.Trading is the very heart of what we do.


K&A ENERGY  provides a new way to trade commodities.

•        Offers complete end-to-end commodity solutions

•        Sells all of our products CIF

•        Holds title for all of our products

•        Has the capability to finance and secure logistics


K&A ENERGY employ knowledgeable experts on location to verify producers, their capacity and product.  Research and relationships provide access to real time market intelligence allowing us to react and adapt quickly.We pride ourselves in our commitment to building long-term relationships and providing innovative trading solutions.

Learn how we can work for you.


K&A ENERGY team is dedicated to identify changing and evolving market dynamics, moving energy from source to customer as quickly, responsibly and cost-effectively as possible. Our business is founded on the long-term relationships we have built with our customers, on our expertise, market understanding and reputation for reliably delivering the required products, on time and on specification. We offer commercial support with specially tailored, structured transactions, applying our risk management, financial and investment expertise.

Oil Refinery
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