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Our customized approach delivers environmental restoration to our customers quickly and effectively. We accomplish this by working with our partners to anticipate unforeseen circumstances, present creative solutions, and seek out new opportunities to move their projects and initiatives forward.


Oasis Planet Group Limited

Oasis Planet Group Co., Ltd, with the characteristics of high protein crop like Broussonetia papyrifera and protein grass as a base; go along with 3 Integrated Development Model of “Rapid Realization of Oasis, Productization & Product Branding” in 6-8 months” supporting our core mission of “Desertification Control, Modern Agriculture and Cross-Cultural Tourism +.” With our continuous explore and develop new modern agricultural models, and the support of national policies, we establish desertification control demonstration areas with modern agricultural industrial parks, pastoral complexes & global tourism, which plays an innovative & unique one-stop solution to promote and extend China agricultural modernization & desertification control technology to the world. We are committed to rural revitalization, planting structure reform, desertification control and One Belt One Road Project.


Drinking Water

With the growing concern over the safety and purity of our drinking water, it is very important to be confident that your drinking water is absolutely Safe, Pure, and Healthy. To have confidence in your water source requires some research and an understanding of the quality steps that are taken to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality Canadian drinking water possible.

Water Lake Landscape
Sustainable Energy

Go Green Investmment Limited

After extensive research, KICL has identified Bio-Tec as a key potential tecnology that can genuinely improve our enviroment. KICL via Go Green would invest heavily in promoting and distributing the product in China and South East China.

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