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Intelligently designed to drive the economic growth, prosperity, security and quality of life for the Somali people, Operation Decisive Task (“ODT”) is a humanitarian and public infrastructure development project founded on an ideology of hope, peace and national unity for and among the Somali people - the primary goal of which is to ameliorate the residual effects resulting from the decades of prolonged civil conflict within the country.



Operation Decisive Task is a multi-faceted, program organized to support the ongoing national reconciliationefforts for the people of Somalia - while paving the way to a sustainable future, replete with economic and social development opportunities for all Somali people.

“ODT” Operation Decisive Task Project Funding Program

KINGDOM INVESTMENT CORPORATION LIMITED has created a special fund under its subsidiary KINGDOM NAMASTA VENTURE CAPITAL LIMITED. A team of financial engineers working under the KICL group is managing the investment fund. The team brought together innovative ideas and developed creative business models to achieve the requisite project funding required.


These efforts resulted in the inception of the "ODT" operation Decisive task project funding program. The program runs in collaboration with trading conglomerates having the ability, knowledge, and affiliations with provider banks and commitment-holders in providing opportunities to each other for the use of excellent and valuable assets to be placed under management to create the requisite funding. The group synergizes their expertise and knowledge for individuals, corporations, trusts, foundations, associations, and governments to achieve their assets' further enhancement.


The ODT project funding program is designed with a unique structure built around delivering the assets for the intake and management of a portfolio for investment purposes. The project governs and facilitates the establishment, generation, and appropriation of mutually required transaction procedures and capital enterprise for the facility management described above to establish a successful execution of the underlying project funding.


Under this new approach, KICL works through its subsidiary KINGDOM NAMASTA VENTURE CAPITAL LTD., entering a joint venture with several entities to implement these projects through investment and financial cooperation with major international banks. This further raises an instrument with structuring the funds by leveraging it through credit enhancement programs for private placement purposes. KICL will use these funds for project funding to implement an executive plan of action and the venturing party on a mutual investment agreement for venture capital project funding purposes. This is in line with our collaborative effort with the governments in the region to build upon a vision that is based on creating a sustainable economy created under the ODT program, which is mainly focused on humanitarian and infrastructure development.


This funding program is compatible with shariah- complaint funding structure designed with a sophisticated investment platform architecture combining conventional western asset management techniques integrated with traditional Islamic Financing Strategies.


This funding program aims to create a base platform that will implement and organize multi-faceted programs. This platform will support the development of a nation focusing on humanitarian public infrastructure development projects founded under the ideology that there are a tremendous amount of under-served and under-developed countries, mainly in Africa. These countries need investment to obtain technological advancement and building infrastructure to ignite their economic growth. Still, unfortunately, they don't have the capital or expertise required to execute the critical task. The ultimate goal is to create an ODT platform for bringing investment for humanitarian and public infrastructure development projects in under-developed countries as part of its vision and in a spirit of philanthropy. These objectives will reduce poverty by promoting sustainable economic growth, which is based on the principle that aid, national and international stabilization efforts are most effective when it enforces good governance, economic freedom, and investment in human resources.


The ODT program will endeavor to equip the country with the most advanced technological tools available to promote modern self governance and inclusive political discourse – devoutly dedicated to the stability, peace, economic prosperity and advancement of the Somali people.


ODT Program Synopsis

The Operation Decisive Task (“ODT”) program is a Somaliled, multi-faceted, public / private initiative being implemented by Kingdom Investment Corporation Limited. Founded on a humanitarian ideology of hope, peace and national unity, the program was designed to serve as the framework for collaboration between both the public and private sectors during the reconstruction process initiated under the Somali Compact, furthering the VISION 16 objectives of the internationally recognized government - all the while inuring to the benefit of the Somali people. Altruistic in spirit, ODT is dedicated to sustainable economic growth and corporate social responsibility, symmetrically
aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals sponsored by the United Nations, as well as the Millenium Development Goals as stated by the World Bank. The program was specifically crafted to assist the Somali people in their efforts on state building efforts, aimed at creating a unified nation of one people, one faith and one language -founded on the mutual goals of shared peace and prosperity for the Somali people. This multi-faceted program is further committed to ensuring that Somalia takes its place as a valued, contributing member among the global sovereign

Paramount to the success of the ODT project is the need for international cooperation to permanently augment the security situation within the Somalia’s national borders. The establishment of the rule of law will support the ratified agenda of the Somali Compact further assisting the internationally recognized government in nurturing a business environment conducive to investment,
development and growth. Projects initiated under the ODT program will help establish a foundational base further empowering the government toward creating political stability; delivering relevant and timely legislative agendas; establishing sound governance processes supported by a transparent and trusted public financial management system; establishing robust public infrastructure and delivery services for the Somali people; as well as the creation of a thriving private sector. Though initially designed for Somalia/Somaliland and the Horn of Africa Region, ODT seeks to positively impact poverty on a global scale through sustainable economic growth and investment in select impoverished regions of the world - under the principle that aid is most effective when it enforces good governance, economic freedom and investment in the development of the nation’s human and natural resource potential.

Cape Town City Center

The City Of  The Future


The flagship project of the ODT program is the creation of a new capital city to serve as a stable government seat - Wadi Salaam, which means “the valley of peace.” Wadi Salaam will reign in the Somaliland coast and serve as a government city, hosting all government Ministries, parliament, judiciary bodies, and all foreign diplomatic missions. The city will become a symbol of the rebirth of the nation, giving hope and aspirations to all Somali people.


The city, replete with advanced technological infrastructure, will serve to initiate the re-birthing process of the Somali peninsula as a truly modern 21st-century nation-state. The city design, conceived as an eco-friendly security-sensitive metropolis, will utilize the most advanced technology currently available for use in sustainable construction techniques and materials; sustainable energy technologies; distributed power generation; distributed smart-grid management systems; water desalination technology; wastewater processing and sanitation systems; sustainable transportation systems; advanced communication infrastructure; as well as advanced security systems.

Though under the ODT program, no less than five such cities are slated for construction over the life of the program, Wadi Salaam is arguably the most critical, both as the first of its kind and as the control and command center for the governance of the country.


Additional cities will be constructed, complete with interlinking transportation infrastructure, focused on industry development, including but not limited to a primary business and banking center; multiple commercial ports replete with petroleum storage and commercial trans-load facilities; and an agriculture center.

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