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Extensive experience with Letters of Credit and other financing transactions. The KICL GROUP can provide client services and support on Letters of Credit (LC) transactions to provide appropriate cost-saving financial options to clients.  Our services will protect client’s financial and commercial interests as well as reduce the requirement for amendment on the terms and conditions for executing LC transactions.

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KICL Trade Finance Platform

KICL plans to lounge trade finance platform in Asia providing tailor-made trade finance solutions with innovative FinTech online platform for unbanked / underbanked corporate clients. Through our simple and effective online platform, we will help corporates to improve cashflow sufficiency.


KICL platform will provide different supply chain financing solutions to corporates and innovative investment opportunities for institutional investors, commercial banks and other financial institutions. Implementing proprietary risk assessment model and strategic partnership with different organizations, KICL will b is able to process applications quickly, dispatching funds as rapidly as one business day. With strong competent team of management consisting of of experienced professionals from different industries including trade finance, commercial banking and information and technology and self-developed risk credit model consists of parameters that enable dynamic data collection and analysis to provide SMEs with efficient financing solutions in a much shorter period of time.


Digitalize trade finance solutions with technological advancement

KICL will adapt proprietary risk model connects API with different industry leading company's databases that continuously improving our credit model which facilitates the financing process.


Grow business with SMEs

KICL will provide trade financing solutions to hundreds of SMEs to optimize cash flow. We are committed to provide SMEs with reliable and trusted source of funding for them to optimize working capital.


Reliable and trusted source of funding

Our Funders include family offices, global fixed income funds, hedged funds, money market funds, asset management companies and banks.


Strong relationship with world’s leading strategic partners

KICL works with the world's leading trade service providers and professional organizations to establish exclusive global strategic partnerships with different organizations.



Trade Finance Instruments

KICL is able to provide Trade finance facilities through it’s banking network who are some of the most trusted trade finance solution providers at global setting. Through this process KICL is here to help you keep your supply chain moving smoothly in order to lead you to business growth. Offering you a range of trade finance solutions and services including Letter of Credit (USANCE and AT SIGHT, Back to Back LC), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantee (BG), Performance Guarantees ,Advance payment Guarantees, Proof of Funds (POF), Blocked Funds, Bank Drafts, Pre-Advice messages, Bank Comfort letters , Ready Willing and Able (RWA) and more. KICL will bank with top 25 banks including Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC BANK UK PLC, BARCLAYS BANK UK PLC, CITIBANK NEW YORK, JP MORGAN CHASE, UBS SWITZERLAND AG AND CREDIT SUISSE SWITZERLAND AG.


With experience in handling clients of businesses of all sizes, we have the knowledge and the expertise to offer you a proven trade finance solution for your situation. Whether you are a trader, an importer, exporter, introducer, a consultant, or a broker we are here to offer you integrated trade finance solutions for reasonable service costs our experience and knowledge in trade finance industry we are ready to provide a reliable and effective service for our clients international business transactions. KICL has strong banking relationship who are specialized and have the quickest issuance procedures, ensuring that you spend minimum time on process and documentation than through other institutions.

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 Jiyuan Financial Services (Hong Kong) 

Jiyuan Financial Services (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“Jiyuan Financial HK”) , a comprehensive financial enterprise whose business scope includes: financial business and services, investment portfolio / fund management, real estate development / investment, insurance agency, etc. . Jiyuan Investment Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. an investment management company under "Jiyuan Financial HK", obtained the licenses of Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

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 Strict Regulations Governing our Firm & Investments

Our companies and funds are well regulated in Hong Kong and Cayman Islands:

  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority regulates our Cayman company and funds

  • Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission regulates Jiyuan’s investments

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