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KICL is a corporation founded by highly respected group of individuals who are well versed in the various aspects of foreign trade processes and international business development. The company is run by group of highly professional backed by private investors. The company has it is Head Office in Hong Kong and with a network of overseas offices with unparalleled presence around the world.

Our Values

KICL aspires to articulate its value by abiding the following principles it stands for;


The consumer is our boss, quality is our work, and value for money is our goal.


As individuals we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as associates, we support the responsibility of others.


A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure.


We use resources to the fullest, waste nothing, and do only what we can do best.

We need freedom to share our future; we need profit to remain free.

What We Do

Business Partners at Work

Our business focuses on capitalizing on those factors that cause change by bringing capital and ideas to solve problems. We invest in human and financial capital the emerging markets where our knowledge and experience can identify commercial opportunities that emerge from shifting forces at play globally.

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Our Vision

The vision of KICL is from the inspiration of an ideology of giving by creating wealth, abundance, and prosperity through service in the process of interaction based on cooperation and collaboration globally.


KICL’s vision of the future is one of transformation with the belief that advancement in technology alone will not solve our problems in the future but rather investing in human capital and creating value as the key to success. The approach is centered on mutual collaboration, and cooperation between pure capitalism and sharing opportunities via venture development for sustainability on principles based on giving as a privilege.

Our Strategy

The strategy to be implemented by KICL is to create an “Investment Incubation Entity”, following the Adaptive Organization Approach (AOA) as a methodology in shaping its strategic directions towards the market exogenous and endogenous opportunities and threats.

KICL will become an investment holding company created to benefit from the extraordinary business opportunities existing in the emerging market in Asia. Capitalizing on qualified human capital and optimal utilization of the available financial resources is the core strategy of KICL in securing, as well as developing its investment and business portfolio.

Our Objective

International business is risky yet potentially with high return. The success of any venture is dependent on the quality of consultations and execution. KICL GROUP and its associate partners are experts in the international businesses. They draw on local experience and global networks to enable the client business to achieve their objectives in international business markets.

•     Our goal is to create a global business platform that drives it’s strength in pursue of international business development.

•     Our vision is based on quality through service on a global setting.

•     We are profit oriented company always engaged in research, acquiring market information intelligence, studying the             trends in the future and thereby capitalizing on viable business opportunities quickly and effectively entering new                   markets that are developing.

Business Handshake
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