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Kingdom Investment Corporation Limited is a privately owned company incorporated in Hong Kong (SAR). The board of Directors comprises several high-profile people, business professors, and professionals with the management team of experts, among whom are the financial engineers with innovative ideas and the ability to develop creative business models to achieve the requisite project funding required. The principals are uniquely qualified to manage the company and have ample resources and support from professional advisors, strategic partners, and management consultants.


Kingdom Investment Corporation Limited views information as it’s  most valuable asset. Hence information-gathering and -sharing are the keystone of the management philosophy. As a result, KICL has developed an information-integrated operation system to enable quick decision-making process, maximum productivity, and cost-efficiency with highly involved motivated teamwork pursuing an open book system with respect to sharing information, including financial projections and results, with all concerned personnel and associates.

Our Portfolio
KICL GROUP's business concept is centered on capitalize on this opportunity by offering a complete range of global business solutions to assist client businesses to achieve their business objectives, cost and time effectively by focuses on those factors lead to changes. We bridge the gap between innovative ideas and capital investment to create new opportunities.  We invest human resources and financial capital in companies and projects in markets where our knowledge and experiences effectively identify commercial opportunities that emerge from shifting forces at play globally.
Our Vision

The vision of KICL is from the inspiration of an ideology of giving by creating wealth, abundance, and prosperity through service in the process of interaction based on cooperation and collaboration globally.


KICL’s vision of the future is one of transformation with the belief that advancement in technology alone will not solve our problems in the future but rather investing in human capital and creating value as the key to success. The approach is centered on mutual collaboration, and cooperation between pure capitalism and sharing opportunities via venture development for sustainability on principles based on giving as a privilege.


The strategy to be implemented by KICL is to create an “Investment Incubation Entity”, following the Adaptive Organization Approach (AOA) as a methodology in shaping its strategic directions towards the market exogenous and endogenous opportunities and threats.

KICL will become an investment holding company created to benefit from the extraordinary business opportunities existing in the emerging market in Asia. Capitalizing on qualified human capital and optimal utilization of the available financial resources is the core strategy of KICL in securing, as well as developing its investment and business portfolio.








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